March 31

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South Barwon Medical has put in an Expression of Interest to administer the COVID vaccination as part of the 1B roll out.

At this stage we won’t find out until approximately 10 March if we are successful.
We ask that you remain patient and when we know if we are/are not successful we will notify you.

Below is information from the Government regarding the COVID Vaccination

The rollout of the Coronavirus Vaccines across the world has brought with it a feeling of hope that we can be protected from infection and enjoy a normal life again in the near future. But it has also raised as many questions and concerns as it has answered.
With the Covid-19 Vaccine rollout set to begin in Australia, here is some information from government sources and other resources that can help you better understand the ins and outs of the National Vaccination Strategy in Australia.

Which vaccine types will be available in Australia? Australia has entered into 4 separate agreements for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines, if they are proved to be safe and effective. The Australian Government is providing daily updates about which of these vaccine types are approved, how many doses are made available, and when. The information is changing daily, and the government websites are updated accordingly.

At this stage, the only vaccine approved in Australia is Pfizer-BioTech vaccine, which is expected to be made available to Phase1a patients in mid-to-late February, primarily in hospitals.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is currently in phase 2 of clinical trials, and if successful, is expected to be made available to Phase 1b patients in March 2021



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